About Zohra

I have been a Second-Life Resident since 2018. I am in awe of the creativity and imagination of Second-life creators snd residents. I wanted to capture that creativity with my own twist to it and to express myself as the person I am in real life. This is the reason I started to take photographs and ultimately blog them in second-life. Blogging second-life gives me a space to be creative. 

In, real I am working as a marketing professional. I started blogging in October 2020. I am currently working for some of the talented & amazing creators of Original Mesh in the Fashion & Accessories Segment. I time to time try to capture the so freakingly awesome Original Mesh Decor items. 

I would definitely like to combine Fashion & Decor in my future blogs since, in my opinion, they make the picture more of a second-life world. 

That is about it for now. I will keep updating this as and when I find something more interesting.

Keep in touch.
You can always contact me in-world via IMs on Zohra Whimsy or Flickr mail would do just fine.

Cheers 😀 

Zohra Whimsy