• B.D.R. Damaris Swimsuit, Comes with the Scales Tattoos, Fits Maitreya and Petite, Legacy, Kupra Low, and Original, Freya , New Release at the Mermaid Cove 
  • ADE – Aura Hairstyle, New Release at the Hair Fair 
    • 1 Head Size and 3 Chest Sizes, 4 Styles Options, you can also tint or change the strands texture separately using the HUD, Tint HUD, 4 Material Options, Full Bright on and off, Glow features, and Style change animations on/off.
    • 20% from each purchase will be donated to Wigs For Kids !!
  • [Cinnamon Cocaine] Malibu Mami Glasses, Can be found at Main-Store and Marketplace 

B.D.R Marketplace | ADE Marketplace 

**Body Worn – Legacy , Head Worn – Lelutka EVO2.5 Fleur Boundless**

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